3 types of telecom construction services every business needs

October 26, 2017

telecom construction

Any company in the telecommunications industry approaching a broadband, wireless, fiber optic or infrastructure upgrade project has a starting, middle and ending point.

You might have a need to upgrade outdated power equipment, regenerate a fiber route or enhance your network capabilities to keep you competitive in the marketplace.

Whatever the project may call for, going about finding the right telecom solutions and accomplishing those goals quickly is of the utmost importance. Here are 3 essential types of telecom construction services you should consider.

1. Turn-key Construction Services

Although it may be the most obvious of the three, finding a company to partner with who is willing and able to complete all aspects of your telecom construction projects isn’t always easy.

Turn-key construction involves these key components:

* Diverse pool of experienced and knowledgeable contractors

* Experts in the field that can manage important installation logistics

* These types of installation include: design and permitting, site work, on-site foundation, delivery/crane/assembly, precast structures, on-site architectural enhancements, on-site mechanical and electrical and fire protection



2. Fiber OSP Construction

With the expansion of networks and preparations of 5G continue, Fiber OSP Construction services will become increasingly valuable. As these networks expand, having access to turn-key fiber splicing and installation services will be key.

This includes construction services for outside plant focusing on residential, commercial, and governmental applications.

These specific fiber services include bulk fiber optics cable to support industrial, commercial, municipal, and governmental data centers, as well as fiber network design for industries like healthcare, education, pipelines, railroads, telecommunications, and banking.

Added fiber specialties include: long haul, fiber to the home, cell tower projects, small cell projects, emergency restoration, troubleshooting and audits. This includes ribbon and loose tube splicing, multi-mode or single-mode, underground/aerial placement and testing.

3. Project Management

So, you can see all the key components to help you make your decision. The next move is finding an easy and cost-effective telecom solution. This includes finding the right project manager to take of everything from A to Z.

Our experienced project management team oversees the contract, cost, scope, quality and integration of tasks for the construction and installation phase. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and coordinate the process from beginning to end!

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