3 ways a fiber optic cabinet provides long-lasting protection

August 31, 2017

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As telecom companies prepare the audit process to begin upgrading existing network infrastructure currently in the field, it's safe to say that one very important aspect of that process involves protection.

Any sort of network upgrade is an investment and while the end goal is to increase bandwidth and expand existing routes, protecting the vital equipment at your regeneration site is extremely vital.

This is where a fiber optic cabinet comes into play, providing long-lasting protection for components such as wiring, DC equipment, batteries, alarming kits and fiber optic cable.



Here are a few reasons why a telecom cabinet could be an area of opportunity for your next site build.

1. Protection for your Vital Telecom Equipment

If you are building a budget that involves an aluminum enclosure (another fancy name for a cabinet), you want to know the investment you are making is a good one and protects all the equipment inside.

We get it: it's not cheap to upgrade.


Here are some advantages to housing your equipment inside an enclosure:

> Lightweight and space efficient
Low maintenance and durability
Weather resistant
Frees up interior space
Climate controlled environment
Vault-like security and protection

2. Full Customization Options

One key aspect of cabinets is the ability to build them out as you see fit.


Need battery back up? Place batteries safely in the base of any enclosure.


Need additional backup systems? Route conduit and wire from any kind of generator to an automatic transfer switch.


Multi-rack options are also available for specific power equipment including rectifiers, alarm kits (water incursion/humidity alert), fiber trays and more. Cabinets provide full accessibility options for both installation and routine maintenance!

3. Reduce Lead Time and Save Money

Okay, so you've made the decision to upgrade your network. What is the next step?

While most telecom site builds would include an extensive construction model complete with a concrete foundation/precast concrete shelter, BDC Group, Inc has engineered an exclusive alternative that assembles right in our factory and can be shipped anywhere in the nation.

Ready to talk? Setup a time to talk with our Project Managers for a free consultation to assess any areas of opportunity for your current or upcoming telecom project!

Our Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform (FRCP), mounted on a fully customizable high-grade steel platform and easy to transport, gives you the ability to reduce lead times with an 8 to 10 week site build.

This provides an estimated 60-70% savings cost and an overall 50% minimum energy cost savings. The customized high-grade steel platform can be placed anywhere and will decrease overall cost of ownership over time.

Setup a free consultation with one of our project managers to assess your current lead times for areas of opportunity and how we can customize a telecom solution for you!