July 09, 2021

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As 5G rollouts slowly but surely happen across the country, headlines have started talking about 6G. But with what we know about the power and capabilities of the advanced technology that is 5G, and how long it is taking to roll out, how is 6G already here? Read below to learn about what 6G is, when it will arrive, and what impacts it will bring!

What is 6G and How Does It Work?

6G will be the next step in wireless technology infrastructure and will increase speeds and capabilities by utilizing ultra-high frequencies. The early estimates say it could be 100 times faster than 5G. A mind-boggling speed for the average end user who may not yet fully understand the power of 5G.


As for how 6G will work, the simplest answer is that we aren’t quite sure what 6G will look like. This is because it is still in a research and development phase and not yet a functioning technology. Mobile telecom companies are more focused on the huge overhaul and expansion to networks that has come with 5G to even begin to think about 6G in a serious way.

When Will 6G Arrive? How Will 6G Impact You?

5G deployment is still happening in a big way and will continue to be the industry focus for the next few years. And with 6G still in an early phase, we likely won’t see 6G being deployed until 2028 or later, with widespread deployment coming in the years to follow. That means we still have the better part of a decade before we see 6G in the hands of the end user.


6G will once again revolutionize the telecom industry and will help to do the same in other industries as well. But how will it impact the end user? In an article posted on digitaltrends.com, they state, “Forget one movie downloading in a few seconds from Netflix with 5G, with 6G speeds like that, in just one second you could download 142 hours of Netflix movies.” To reiterate, the power, speeds, and bandwidth that you experience with 5G will be further enhanced with 6G to a staggering level.


In short, 6G is coming, and will pack a nice punch in speed and reliability, but we won’t see it widely deployed and used until the end of the decade.

We Will Make Sure Your Project is Shaken… Not Stirred

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