Are You Telling Me You Built FRCP?

January 28, 2021

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BDC Group has designed and engineered a high-grade steel platform which we call the Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform (FRCP) that is a compact solution with a smaller footprint than standard telecom site solutions. The FRCP was created as a cost-effective solution for customers who require fiber regeneration options without having to spend dollars on larger, more complex units. These units are manufactured, outfitted, and fully tested in house to ensure each unit meets our high-quality standards and regulations.

Alternative Solutions

While the FRCP was originally intended to be used as a cost saving alternative to traditional ways of housing telecom equipment, it is an efficient solution which can be customized for small cell or emergency deployment.

Small Cell Application

As 5G networks are built, upgraded, and expanded across the nation, we continue to rely on small cells to bring services to the end users. These small cells depend on backup power and equipment that needs to be housed nearby. The FRCP can also be used to house the equipment that will keep networks online and operating efficiently.

Emergency Deployment

If there is anything that 2020 taught us is that weather, among other things, is very unpredictable. Don’t let these natural disasters cause costly down time to your network. The FRCP is easily deployed and installed helping bring your network back online in the event of a disaster.

Save Time And Money

The FRCP was designed with our customer’s priorities and today’s demanding schedule in mind. It will reduce lead time and save on overall project costs. This exclusively designed high-grade steel platform can be completely customized to housing sensitive equipment, coming fully assembled by our ISP team. We will make certain all electrical is configured, wired, and installed to your specifications, ready for rapid deployment.



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