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February 09, 2018

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Over the last year, we've explored the main differences between both new and used telecom shelters, the pros and cons associated with each option and why they are vital to telecom infrastructure.

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Exploring different approaches to projects using telecom shelters

December 21, 2017

used telecom shelters, concrete shelter, new concrete shelter, telecommunications shelters

In recent months, we've explored the differences between new and used telecommunications shelters and certain advantages each option provides.

Some of these advantages included focusing on used telecom shelters being less expensive with full restoration options (1), while new telecom shelters are capable of being customized for unique specifications (2).

Some of our clients faced the same challenges this year and our team was able to successfully provide solutions based on the specific project requirements. Here are a few examples.

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Common telecom terms and the ones you may not be aware of

December 19, 2017

frcp, telecom terms

Every industry has specific terms, abbreviations and acronyms that, to anyone not familiar with the language of that industry, would have no clue what anyone was talking about.

The telecom industry is no exception and it could be argued that telecom terms have a language all their own. The amount of terms, acronyms and abbreviations that have been created in telecom alone is worth exploring.

Wireless and Broadband Terms

Many of these terms are common among wireless and broadband companies.

A few examples include:
  • CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier): A telecommunications provider or carrier that is in competition with already established carriers.
  • ILEC (Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier): A telecommunications provider or carrier that held the reginal monopoly before the market became competitive with The Telecommunications Act of 1996.
  • LTE (Long Term Evolution): A broadband access technology that enhances the ability of mobile users to access larger amounts of data.
  • Central Office (CO): Windowless building that houses the switching equipment that connects one telephone line with another line or routes the connection to another central office for connections that need to travel long distance.
  • 4G/5G (Fourth Generation/Fifth Generation): Refers to the different generations that wireless capabilities have transitioned through. With each generation comes technology advancements that allow users to access more information and services on devices at faster speeds. Can be enhanced by LTE.

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Accomplishing 5G network expansion with telecom construction

December 14, 2017

telecom construction, 5g

Last week we explored the deployment of new 5G networks to increase speeds "nearly 200 times of that available on current 4G LTE networks" according to statements by Verizon (one of the leaders in 5G expansion). (1)

But what does that speed increase really mean and how is it being rolled out?

4G LTE vs. 5G speed increase

Fiber optic expansion will be a key factor in making 5G networks a reality. According to an article by ISE, fiber will provide the bandwidth, low latency and quality of service that will make 5G speeds possible. (2)

While the rollout of 4G and 4G LTE networks are nearly completed, many operators are now focused on two primary activities going forward into 2018: adding capacity to existing 4G LTE networks and preparing for 5G.

As the market stands today, 4G LTE averages user data rates in the range of 150-300 Mbps or up to 1 Gbps (Gigabytes per second). 5G will offer 10 Gbps. Channel bandwidth will also see a significant increase. Current 4G LTE and 4G LTE Advanced speeds average 20 MHz.

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Telecom power important during California wildfire outbreak

December 12, 2017

frcp, telecom power, emergency

If you've been paying attention to news headlines the last few weeks, you are probably aware of the wildfires in southern California that have been wreaking havoc over the area.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the wildfires are now the fifth largest in modern California history (1) and have scorched 230,000 acres of land as of mid-December.

CNN is also reporting that 1,000 structures have been destroyed as well (2), with the blaze now being described as larger than New York City with only about 20% of it contained.

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What to consider when looking to purchase a new telecom shelter

December 07, 2017

telecom shelter

Every telecom project comes with its own unique set of obstacles.

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Looking ahead at fiber optic network and 5G network expansions

December 04, 2017

fiber optic network, 5g

As we approach the final weeks of 2017, it was not uncommon to have your timeline filled with references to fiber optic network and 5G expansion in the last year.

We've visited many examples of this growing industry. This includes fiber optic expansion investments in the range of $5 billion by 2021 as demand for streaming video increases or the deployment of new 5G networks to increase speeds by nearly 200 times of that available on current 4G LTE networks (1).

T-Mobile also announced recently they were planning to use a "portion of its $8 billion mother lode of low-band 600 MHz spectrum to deliver 5G coverage from coast to coast." (2)

Verizon has been among the most aggressive with plans for deployment of dark fiber (unlit fiber optics) and 5G by 2020.

Here is a breakdown of what is coming.

FCC clears roadblocks for investment in fiber and 5G

Verizon announced in November that the FCC has adopted two orders in what will be the first steps to streamine infrastructure deployment for both fiber and 5G. (3)

1. The wireline order removes legacy barriers to infrastructure deployment, enabling providers to hasten customers’ transition from legacy copper networks to faster and more reliable technologies, such as fiber.

2. The wireless order will eliminate time-consuming and expensive reviews of some replacement poles without compromising the protection of historic properties, thus facilitating the wireless attachments that are essential for 5G networks.

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The benefits of purchasing used communication shelters

November 02, 2017

used communication shelters

Communication shelters, telecom huts or prefabricated buildings.

No matter what you refer to it as, they are a staple in the telecommunications industry.

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Defining OSP telecom and how it's applied in the field

October 31, 2017

osp telecom

Everyone in the telecommunications industry is quite aware of the use of acronyms and how frequently they are used.

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3 types of telecom construction services every business needs

October 26, 2017

telecom construction

Any company in the telecommunications industry approaching a broadband, wireless, fiber optic or infrastructure upgrade project has a starting, middle and ending point.

You might have a need to upgrade outdated power equipment, regenerate a fiber route or enhance your network capabilities to keep you competitive in the marketplace.

Whatever the project may call for, going about finding the right telecom solutions and accomplishing those goals quickly is of the utmost importance. Here are 3 essential types of telecom construction services you should consider.

1. Turn-key Construction Services

Although it may be the most obvious of the three, finding a company to partner with who is willing and able to complete all aspects of your telecom construction projects isn’t always easy.

Turn-key construction involves these key components:

* Diverse pool of experienced and knowledgeable contractors

* Experts in the field that can manage important installation logistics

* These types of installation include: design and permitting, site work, on-site foundation, delivery/crane/assembly, precast structures, on-site architectural enhancements, on-site mechanical and electrical and fire protection

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