BDC Group now stands for Building Diverse Communications

August 07, 2018

building diverse communications


Last month we explored some of the changes we have rolled out the last six months, including an upgraded company website (, our Definitive Guide to Telecom Construction and a fiber expansion project with ImOn.


As it became clear to our team just how many different areas of telecom we were becoming involved with over the last year, we started to address a question that we received a lot in the last few years.


That question: "What does the BDC in BDC Group stand for?"

History of BDC Group

Since our official launch in February of 2015, BDC Group has been growing and evolving. We started as a small operation working out of the basement of a house and have since grown to a multi-division company working on a variety of telecommunications projects nationwide.


When BDC Group first began, we were primarily focused on providing project management services for telecom site builds, shelters, generators, relocation options and logistics. Our goal was to create and cultivate strong relationships with customers by building trust, delivering great products and outstanding service and developing partnerships with the people and companies who chose us to work with.

Merging Telecom with Fiber

Today, BDC Group has evolved into a full turnkey solutions provider for companies in a variety of industries.


We have expanded our goals by helping deploy networks nationwide. Our capabilities now include project management, general contracting, logistics, decommissioning, installation and fiber splicing and OSP construction services.


Our team continues to have access to used telecom shelters and the unique ability to fabricate custom precast concrete shelters. BDC's telecom division continues to focus on elite project management options with solutions for generators, cabinets, fire suppression, power equipment and cost effective alternatives utilizing our exclusive FRCP (Fiber Regen Cabinet Platform) design.


The last year saw the emergence of our new fiber division. Our fiber division specializes in fiber splicing and OSP construction including fiber to the home/fiber to the tower, long haul, night cuts, emergency restoration, ribbon splicing, pulling fiber and copper, directional drilling, installing conduit runs, running drops to homes and more. We even helped build out a redundant fiber path to Kinnick Stadium!



Building Diverse Communications

Because of how much we have grown and evolved, we needed to update and revamp our company descriptions. This included embracing a definition for our abbreviation, which is a question we'd often get from new clients.


We are pleased to announce that the "BDC" in BDC Group now stands for Building Diverse Communications. As mentioned earlier, our fiber division has started to develop and deploy networks nationwide to help support growth and expansion.

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"Our customers are building a whole multitude of things, whether it be private network. Whether it be public," said Trent Pearson, BDC Group's lead Business Developer. "They are actually working for the communities. We're the people who are providing a service to build that entire network. It isn't just something that happens magically. Somebody has to build it."


Don't forget to check out our new company video that visually examines the types of solutions BDC Group can provide.