How BDC provides solutions for telecom infrastructure projects

July 12, 2018

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Over the last year, BDC Group has explored a variety of topics in the telecommunications industry. This included profiles about the differences between new and used telecom shelters, 5G expansion in 2018, the growth of data centers, fiber OSP construction practices in the field and emergency generator backup power.


While exploring these topics, many changes started to take place within BDC. It became clear to us just how many different areas of telecom our company has become involved with and why it is important to explain the types of solutions our experienced team can provide.


Over the last six months, our team has worked hard to further enhance our company website and provide a more in-depth look at the types of core services we've been involved with in regards to infrastructure projects.


Here are a few ways we've accomplished these steps.

Upgraded Company Website

As of July 6, we have launched a new look for the main page of our official company website ( and enhanced the style of our products and services pages to give you a better idea of why our clients were made successful because of them.


A lot has changed for us in the last year regarding the types of projects we've been taking on. Our telecom division continues to focus on elite project management options with turn-key solutions like telecom shelters and our exclusively engineered FRCP design. We've also established a new fiber division that specializes in fiber splicing and fiber OSP construction services.


While these changes took place, our team was in the field working hard on various projects that included network expansions, tower decommissioning, creating redundant fiber paths to prevent any interruption of live service and fiber regeneration for a clients fiber ring. All of these new projects are now available for viewing (including pictures) on our website.

Guide to Project Management and Telecom Construction

In addition to expanding our projects area, we introduced a new downloadable guide that steps you through the project management process when it comes to telecom construction site build outs and the methods used.


Step into the shoes of a telecom project manager focusing on our recent partnership with ImOn Communications to help with a Fiber-to-the-Home network expansion in the Cedar Rapids/Marion area in 2018. 


This network expansion allowed for the introduction of fast and reliable fiber optic cable, with speeds reaching up to 1 Gig (1,000Mb). Customers in the area are also avoiding bottlenecks or slowdowns during peak hours as the connection is no longer being shared in the area.




Also, don't forget to check out a special video that highlighted our work helping to expand the network featuring Bernard Dutchik, Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategic Partnerships with ImOn.



Get to Know BDC Group


One of our goals over the last year was to help better describe the kinds of solutions BDC Group can provide not only in the state of Iowa, but with all of our important partners that reside nationwide.


While the company directive first had a heavy focus on construction and a wide variety of telecom equipment, the last year saw the emergence of our new fiber division. We even helped build out a redundant fiber path to Kinnick Stadium!


Our fiber division specializes in fiber splicing and OSP construction services, with a focus on industrial, commercial, municipal, and governmental data centers, as well as fiber network design for industries like healthcare, education, pipelines, railroads, telecommunications, and banking.

Ready to talk? Contact our experienced Project Management team to setup a free consultation.

None of this can be accomplished without an elite project management process and our team works hard to come up with creative and cost-effective solutions for our customers. Many companies are simply focused on selling a product. BDC Group sells service.


Check out our new company video that gives a closer look at the types of solutions BDC Group can provide.




More Changes Are On The Way


We are excited to roll out even more changes in the coming weeks, including what the "BDC" in BDC Group now stands for.


Don't forget to check out our newly enhanced website ( and all of our recent projects in the field.

We look forward to continuing our growth in 2018 and providing solutions for your telecom infrastructure projects!