Cell sites experience outages during Hurricane Florence

September 18, 2018

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Last week we discussed the importance of having a good backup power option for immediate deployment when natural disasters like hurricanes strike. With Hurricane Florence hitting the Carolinas over the weekend, it became clear why that is important.


A large majority of cell sites did remain operational as of Sunday, 14% were not working in North Carolina and 2% were offline in South Carolina. (1) Widespread flooding, wind and rain pummeled the Carolinas, Georgia and Virginia causing the outages.


While it's good to see many of the sites held up to the damaging hurricane-force winds, having a prevention plan ahead of time is something every business or homeowner should make a priority, especially during hurricane season.

Advantages of Power Reliability

For many industries, it is mission-critical to have a backup generator in a potential scenario where the city’s power grid fails or if your alternative energy sources are temporarily down. Making a one-time investment can help avoid critical downtime to keep power online.


This can be accomplished in many ways, but generators tend to be the strongest prevention tool. While you cannot completely reduce the risk of being affected by a storm-related power outage, backup power can keep your home and family safe while your utility is down.

Generator Power Options

Different kinds of generator options area available to help prepare for the worst. This includes standby or portable options.


A standby generator will power during severe weather is your basement sump pump, reducing risk of water damage to your home. Portable generators power emergency lights to ensure safety during necessary evacuations.


It's also vital to decide what kind of generator is the best fit. Natural Gas generators are very dependable and offer a renewable fuel source. Propane generators are power and can last for thousands of hours. Diesel generators can stand up to the most extreme weather conditions.


BDC Group has partnered with top manufacturers in the industry to hold a line of generators to ensure your site has access to the power supply solutions that fit with your existing fuel source. Ranging in size from 10 KW up to 2.5 Megs with three different fuel type options as well as mobile options for more temporary use.


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Emergency Generator and Backup Power Deployment

When emergency situations arise with unpredictable weather elements, having a quick response time is key to getting your vital power or telecommunications equipment back online.

BDC Group, Inc has engineered an exclusive high-grade steel platform that is capable of housing equipment such as generators, telecom cabinets for protected storage of backup battery power/rectifiers and more.

Ready to talk? Setup a time to talk with our Project Managers for a free consultation on how you can deploy emergency backup power systems in the field!

These steel platforms can be customized, mounted virtually anywhere and transported quickly to anywhere in the nation. We assemble and test all aspects of the platform in our factory before delivery. These platforms are ideal for emergency situations, like wildfires, that may require certain forms of backup power or power regeneration.


BDC Group can also provide generators in a variety of sizes and fuel types including diesel, LP and natural gas.

Setup a free consultation with one of our project managers to assess your current lead times for areas of opportunity and how we can customize a telecom solution for you!


(1) Inside Towers: Most Cell Sites Pummeled by Florence Are Still Working