Dude, Where's My Shipment?

June 11, 2021

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When purchasing a shelter, generator, or other large equipment, it is important to know that the transportation or logistics and on/off load of your equipment will have additional fees associated with it. Many factors can impact these prices. Our TSD team of experts give insight into what those factors are and how you can try to keep your shipping costs as low as possible.  

Looking at Logistics

Shipping, although unavoidable, can come with a hefty price tag. Our experts first and foremost recommend getting estimates or quotes from multiple shipping vendors. Price comparing allows you to get the best price and can save you money! Other major factors that can impact the cost associated with shipping are the size, weight, and distance. Typically, shelters or huts that are large and are wider than 12 ft or taller than 13.5 ft require one or more escorts and can add additional fees. Same goes for the weight of the shelter. The heavier the shelter is, the more expensive it will be to ship.


It is also possible to get two shelters on one truck if the shelters weigh less than 40,000 pounds each or a shelter and a generator. This brings down shipping costs as it is one load rather than multiple. It is also important to note that generators alone can be shipped on smaller, flat bed trailers, which are generally less expensive. 

Crane Calculations

When it comes to craning, there are a few factors that can impact pricing. First and foremost, site access can have a big impact on the cost of a crane. If a site is more difficult to access and requires specialized equipment or skill level to maneuver a crane into place, the cost will inevitably be higher. With that, if the site requires a crane with a longer arm reach or if what is being on or off loaded is heavy and requires a bigger crane, the cost will increase. A great way to cut down on craning costs is trying to find a craning company that is close to the work site. This will save on mobilization costs.


When it comes to generators and other equipment those are most likely able to be on/off loaded with a forklift or boom truck, but always pay attention to load capacities of the equipment used to offload.


Craning companies usually format their pricing as follows: ($ mobilization in) + ($ x hours of use) + ($ mobilization out). 

And Then... BDC Will Take Care of the Rest

At BDC Group, our team has a network of crane and transportation partners across the country who we work with to deliver top notch delivery of your equipment to your site without delays. Our team always gets multiple logistics and crane estimates to ensure you get the lowest price every time. BDC Group will do all the heavy lifting to coordinate necessary logistics and important deadlines to keep your project on time and on budget! 



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