Fiber Builds Have Layers. Ogre's Have Layers.

May 21, 2021

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There is an industry wide rush to get fiber optic networks expanded, upgraded, built for the future. And while that sounds fairly simple – just bury the fiber and move on, right? – network carriers can’t just put the fiber in the ground and expect the network to be efficient and functional. And as many of us in the industry know, building the internet and communications networks from backbone to end user is not as straightforward as it may seem, every network has layers. Below we explore the differences in long- and short-haul fiber builds.

Here For The Long-Haul

Long-haul fiber, while it has no official definition, is the part of a network that spans long distances. Long-distance communications networks are supported by outside plant networks and regeneration sites which can help carry signals across hundreds or even thousands of miles. As the industry technology continues to evolve, become more efficient, and cost effective, outside plant networks are becoming responsible for bringing the digital signals directly to homes and commercial buildings.

The Short-Haul Of It All

Short-haul fiber too has no official definition to what particular distance would classify a project as short-haul. But like long haul fiber, the name is fairly self-explanatory. These networks are used in more metropolitan, intra-city, and local communications and the distance is usually no longer than 100 km. They typically operate over short distances and support the end user often to support computer networks, security systems, and other similar applications.

Black Square, Blue Square, Black Square...This Would Be So Much Easier If I Talked With BDC

BDC Group has experience in both long-haul and short-haul fiber network construction. Our outside plant (OSP) division is focused on helping to build those long-haul networks to bring faster, more reliable service to even the most rural of communities. And our on-demand services (ODS) division was created to help build, maintain, repair, and upgrade short-haul networks for cities, municipalities, co-ops, and more. Our crews are using top of the line drilling, plowing, and fiber blowing, splicing, and testing equipment to help deliver your finished fiber network project on-time and on-budget!


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