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July 23, 2021

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When emergency strikes your fiber network, and the pressure is on to get the infrastructure back online ASAP, it is vital to have emergency restoration teams on speed dial.  It's also important to know what it is going to take to get your network back up and running, and how to prevent these emergencies in the first place. Read on to learn more about emergency fiber maintenance.

Emergency Maintenance Prevention

There are a number of ways that fiber optic cabling can end up being cut or damaged, and despite the best prevention methods, fiber strikes will happen. It’s the nature of the beast. Below are a few methods in preventing fiber strikes according to BDC Group’s Fiber Experts!

  • Keep detailed, accurate records on where your underground utilities are located.
  • Note where splice points are.
  • Place locating wire or other form of locating methods with the utilities.
  • Don’t let too many contractors come in and rearrange, maintain, and touch your fiber. And be sure they report those detailed notes on what was done and where it was done so you can keep them for your records.

Emergency Strikes

A few important things to remember when emergency maintenance is needed are that have one or more fiber contractor contacts can help get you back online quickly, emergency maintenance windows can happen overnight to lessen impact felt by end users, and just because it is an emergency that must be remedied quickly does mean quality has to be sacrificed. Other ways that you can prepare for emergency strikes are to add slack storage in vaults between terminations points to speed up the restoration time and save you money by not having to run new cabling.

BDC Emergency Maintenance Project

Recently BDC received a call from one of our partners who had a fiber strike that took down vital communication services. Our crews were deployed right away to help our partner get their network back up and running. Our fiber splicing team acted quickly, arrived on site within the hour, and started working. The pressure was on because not only was the fiber supporting vital networks, but weather was rolling in and the sun was setting. They realized they didn’t have enough slack fiber at this location to reach the splicing van or trailer, so they pulled out tables, lights, and equipment to start splicing outside. This emergency maintenance project was a night cut and our crew was able to get the work buttoned up and restored before daybreak, all while keeping our partner updated on their progress.

Come With BDC if You Want to Stay Online

Our fiber team has over 40 combined years of splicing experience from network backbone to the end user. Our technicians have seen fiber optic technology advance from the 90’s to the advanced systems we see today. Our team can handle a variety of different services like audits and inspections, installation and repair, testing, and project management as well as a variety of projects like emergency/night cuts, fiber and ribbon splicing, central office, and data centers, decommissioning to support our partners.


BDC Group’s Fiber Division has a fleet of customized, fully serviced trucks, vans, and splice trailers equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to meet your project needs. Our field technicians will send daily progress updates to ensure your project stays on track and every splice location is completed with close out documents and pictures.


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