Multi-Site Projects Don't Have to Take FOR-EV-VER!

August 20, 2021

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The bigger the project the bigger the headache…right? All the engineering, planning, designing, construction, logistics, and everything else that comes with telecom projects, takes careful preparation and plenty of time with any project. But when you have a multi-site project, the workload that you are facing is daunting. But with a few tips from our experts, you can ease the stress and have an organized plan of execution to help guide the project along.

Project Management

The most important thing for any project, but especially a large, multiple-site project. Having an experienced project manager or team of project managers who head the planning and execution is invaluable because they will know the ins and outs of the project from planning to closeout. They will be able to achieve project goals and meet project milestones and deadlines to ensure the success of a project. Also having mapped out the whole project means they will be able to see the smallest details executed and the bigger obstacles that may be around the corner.

Other Expert Tips

  • Verify materials needed for the project early on – In today’s marketplace, there have been several unforeseen delays in materials.
  • Remote markets – Remote markets are difficult when managing from another state. In order to be successful, you need to have resources in the market to become familiar with the sites and local municipalities. BDC recommends construction managers in the market to assist with client and vendor relations and maintain quality standards.
  • Make your plans even more detailed – note any unique needs for each site.
  • Communicate frequently, with everybody – make sure tasks are assigned clearly and have deadlines.
  • Logistics – Evaluate the distance between sites and determine resources needed.

If You Don’t Choose BDC Group, You’re An L-7 Weenie

BDC Group’s expert project management team has executed many multi-site projects across the country. Our team brings over 175 years of direct and progressive project management experience to all of our projects. This includes large multi-component telecom site construction, shelter delivery, and multicomponent telecom site decommissioning projects. We are committed to using proven project management methodologies to achieve the desired outcome by meeting and exceeding customer expectations.


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