NOW That’s What I Call Telecom Construction!

March 04, 2021

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As networks are being expanded and upgraded, service providers are finding that they need to rebuild or build new telecom sites to expand their network, regenerate fiber, or upgrade current sites. Building a telecom site from the ground up can be daunting, as there are so many pieces that have to come together. Below is a brief overview of the process broken down into stages.

Pre-Construction and Project Management

Performing a full site analysis prior to any sort of construction starts is the best way to get a full picture of the site. This also starts the planning process, noting layouts, required space, any demolition or removal of existing landscape or structures. It is important to get a clear picture of what are working with to help plan and so you can begin to work through any surprises.


From here, a project manager can now begin to plan and map out the full scope of work from beginning to end, including the big obstacles all the way to the smallest details. This is also when a project manager will begin a procurement process to find any shelter, cabinets, generators, and other equipment that is needed.

Site Preparation and Foundations

Now that the preconstruction phase is complete, site preparation can now begin. It is in this stage that any landscaping, grading, removal of any structures, debris, trees, etc. takes place. The goal is to have a clean, fresh site without any obstructions to begin construction on.


The site has been prepped construction can now begin. This is the time where concrete foundations for the shelter, generator pad, and entrance can be prepped and poured. It is important in this step to determine where the conduit will be coming into the shelter and tape or block it off to ensure no concrete accidentally gets into the piping.

Logistics and Electrical

A project manager should have already scheduled for shelter and equipment delivery. Getting a shelter delivered is a very carefully orchestrated event. A project manager has to line up delivery of the shelter with the arrival of the crane on site, so that the shelter offload can happen on time with no delays.


Once the shelter, generator, and other equipment are placed it is time to get everything installed and wired up. The site will need electrical and grounding to be done before it is operational. Grounding is when a ground wire is placed as an additional path for electrical current to return safely to the ground without danger to anyone in the event of a short circuit. This is important and required to maintain safety for technicians and anyone else who may be on site.

Post Construction and Maintenance

The site is now up and operational, the last things that need to happen are site grading and landscaping and close outs. This is where reseeding, rock, and fencing will be placed to finish out the site. This is also the point where any close out photos will be taken of the site for documentation.


Site construction is done, close outs have been completed, now any network expansion can be installed, tested, and brought to the end user. The last and final step is to ensure the network is protected by creating and executing a short- or long-term maintenance plan for all the site equipment and shelter. It is vital to perform routine maintenance on the site, shelter, and equipment to avoid costly downtime.



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