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Understanding dark fiber lease rates as demand continues to grow

October 17, 2017

dark fiber

Fiber optic expansion alone has seen companies invest in the range of $5 billion by 2021, a move largely driven by the increase in demand for faster internet.  Streaming video by itself will account for 82% of all web traffic in just a few short years.  Now is the time for businesses to do important research and figure out telecom solutions for the future.

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How to decide to lease dark fiber as a telecom solution

August 08, 2017

dark fiber

Anyone that consumes content through streaming services like Netflix or browse Facebook daily may have noticed one emerging pattern over the last few years: video.

Streaming video has skyrocketed in the last few years with video accounting for 73% of all web traffic in 2016 alone (1). By 2021 industry forecasts have that number increasing to 82%, with cord cutting generating twice as much internet traffic.

As technology advances, the pressure for businesses to expand these networks and increase bandwidth capabilities rapidly grows. Many businesses in the telecommunications world are searching for cost effective solutions to solve this problem.

Enter dark fiber. Dark fiber is any unused, un-lit fiber networks that have been previously laid.

If your company is searching for cost effective network expansion and connectivity solutions, dark fiber may be one idea to consider. Here is what you need to know to help make a decision.

Planning for the future

Dark fiber networks are laid by companies trying to plan for the future, with some of these companies leasing or selling the unused cables rather than leasing out bandwidth that is a part of the current network.

This saves you time and money so that you don’t have to spend it laying your own fiber-optic networks or having to lease more cabling or bandwidth as your needs grow and change.

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