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Multi-Site Projects Don't Have to Take FOR-EV-VER!

August 20, 2021

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The bigger the project the bigger the headache…right? All the engineering, planning, designing, construction, logistics, and everything else that comes with telecom projects, takes careful preparation and plenty of time with any project. But when you have a multi-site project, the workload that you are facing is daunting. But with a few tips from our experts, you can ease the stress and have an organized plan of execution to help guide the project along.

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Surplus Shelters are Like a Box of Chocolates

July 16, 2021

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Surplus shelters are like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re going to get. Finding a surplus hut that meets your size requirements is like finding a penny face up. But what’s inside and the repairs, refurbishment, retrofitting that needs to happen is unique to each shelter. Read on to find out what our used shelter experts suggest when looking for a surplus option and what is commonly seen when you look inside.

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Do you have access to telecom shelters? Contact our team today!

February 09, 2018

used telecom shelters, concrete shelter, concrete shelters, used communication shelters, telecom shelter, telecommunications shelters

Over the last year, we've explored the main differences between both new and used telecom shelters, the pros and cons associated with each option and why they are vital to telecom infrastructure.

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Exploring different approaches to projects using telecom shelters

December 21, 2017

used telecom shelters, concrete shelter, new concrete shelter, telecommunications shelters

In recent months, we've explored the differences between new and used telecommunications shelters and certain advantages each option provides.

Some of these advantages included focusing on used telecom shelters being less expensive with full restoration options (1), while new telecom shelters are capable of being customized for unique specifications (2).

Some of our clients faced the same challenges this year and our team was able to successfully provide solutions based on the specific project requirements. Here are a few examples.

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Advantages to purchasing new or used concrete shelters

August 24, 2017

used telecom shelters, new concrete shelter, concrete shelters

When it comes to protecting vital telecommunications equipment, the most important aspect of any site build involves where this equipment will be housed for the foreseeable future.

Purchasing a new or used concrete shelter is the best telecom solution for housing any kind of telecom power equipment, generators or battery back ups that keep your business online 24 hours a day.

New Concrete Shelters

By purchasing a new shelter, you have the option of customizing it to unique specifications including fabricating a structure at a specific size to meet your exact needs. This is ideal for the consumer in a situation where specific size limitations are key and you can't find that perfect shelter in the current marketplace, especially with limited options in 2017.

New shelters are built for strength and can withstand impact, harsh weather conditions and minimum load bearing which provides unsurpassed strength. Weather conditions include up to 150 mph winds and flying debris. Worried about insects or weather climates ruining your investment? Boring insects, mold, mildew and erosion are no match for concrete shelters.

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Purchasing used telecom shelters to protect your equipment

August 08, 2017

used telecom shelters

The next time you spot a large tower on the side of the road, take a look at the base and see what you’ll find.  Most of the time you will find one of the most important aspects of any telecommunications site: a telecom shelter.

Telecom shelters, normally precast concrete shelters, are designed for ground-mounted telecommunications and data equipment protection.  They are built to last long-term and protect vital telecom equipment from any damage.

Most concrete shelters typically include structural precast concrete, insulation, FRP walls and ceilings, tile floor, cable racking, equipment racking, grounding, alarming, electrical build out and custom equipment integration for specific power equipment.

New vs. Used Shelters

Used telecom shelters offer the same quality and strength of a new concrete shelter, are considerably less expensive and remain just as customizable.  If you are looking for a way to cut costs on your upcoming telecom project, surplus shelters can be provided as-is or fully restored to your own liking.

Restored shelters undergo rigorous inspection and specific maintenance.  All shelters can be customized to your liking including custom generators, racking and fire suppression options.  These key components keep your necessary equipment running 24/7, avoiding any down time.

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