The Fresh Shelters of BDC

March 25, 2021

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BDC Group got started in the telecom industry working on broadband and wireless sites. And despite expanding into other areas of the industry, telecom site development (TSD) will always be a major part of our vast portfolio of products and services. In fact, we have built a TSD team that is second to none.

Success Is When Preparation Meets Opportunity

Rhiannon Nehl, BDC’s TSD Project Manager, has a soft spot for shelter refurbs, “I like to see the complete before and after of a refurbished shelter.” Rhiannon is an important part of our TSD team. She is the liaison between BDC’s partners and BDC’s crews. Once she is handed a shelter and site refurb project, her first step is to get her eyes on what she is working with, “The first step is to go and look at the shelterThen plan a scope meeting to go over materials and equipment needed and start prepping and planning for the project.”


Another TSD team member, Kevin Haines, a BDC Field Manager, is also present during these meetings and explains the importance of these first few steps in a refurb project. “We try to identify as much as possible so there are no surprises later down the line.” BDC’s TSD team is nothing if not prepared when they get a project started.  

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work 

The key to great projects is great communication, both within the team and with BDC Group’s partners. “I like to have a communication plan set up ahead of time with the customer. Setting a firm communication expectation with the field helps me create communication consistency with our partners,” Rhiannon states. “Communication is on our sideEverything ties back to good communication,” Kevin adds. Without good communication, projects can get out of hand quickly.

Now This Is Story All About How...

Their preparedness, communication, and attention to detail coupled with diverse industry experience makes this team of TSD experts operate like a well-oiled machine. Rhiannon says, “BDC 's team is great in the aspect that we have multiple individuals that understand the process, but also excel in different areas to come together and have everything run smoothly.” BDC’s TSD team has over 60 years of industry experience in a variety of areas making this team a power to be reckoned with.


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