Top ways generators help during severe weather

March 03, 2017



Severe weather can impact your home in many ways. One of the most common effects of such emergencies experienced by homeowners is the loss of power. In fact, approximately 6.2 million homes were left in the dark in 2013 after severe weather.


While you cannot completely reduce the risk of being affected by a storm-related power outage, backup power can keep your home and family safe while your utility is down. Here are some of the top ways portable and backup generators can help homeowners during power outages:



  • The most important home appliance that a standby generator will power during severe weather is your basement sump pump, reducing risk of water damage to your home.

  • Portable generators power emergency lights to ensure safety during necessary evacuations.

  • Community evacuation shelters rely on automatic backup power to manage operations and provide relief to storm victims.

  • If a storm causes power outages during a time of during extreme heat or cold, backup power will be able to keep your furnace or air conditioners on.

  • Backup power can save families hundreds of dollars in food charges, eliminating the risk of spoiled refrigerated and frozen foods while utility power is down.

  • Automatic backup power helps maintain normalcy in the aftermath of a storm-related outage, keeping the doors open to vital businesses, such as grocery stores and pharmacies.

  • A backup generator can save lives for those on power-dependent health equipment, such as kidney dialysis machines or respirators, keeping this essential equipment running during a power outage.

BDC Group, Inc. can provide generators in a variety of sizes and fuel types including diesel, LP and natural gas.

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