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February 09, 2018

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Over the last year, we've explored the main differences between both new and used telecom shelters, the pros and cons associated with each option and why they are vital to telecom infrastructure.

What we didn't explore is the discovery process associated with all types of precast concrete shelters. Long story short: they aren't always widely available at a moments notice or existing shelters are in use with active networks.


Before reviewing the marketplace demand, let's explore why someone would purchase a used telecom shelter.

Why Used Concrete Shelters?

Purchasing a used precast concrete shelter "as-is" can save on overhead costs and still remain very customizable based on project requirements.  Any project manager knows how important it is to stay under budget and going with a used shelter option is an effective way to cut costs without sacrificing overall quality.


Restored shelters can be fully customized to your liking including custom generators, racking, fire suppression and electrical options.  In addition, all of these shelters undergo rigorous inspection before being deployed in the field.



Do You Have Access to Used Shelters? We Want To Talk!

Our team is always looking for opportunities involving used telecom shelters, including shelters with certain specifications.  Here are a few things we are looking for currently:


- Precast concrete shelters

- Shelters in good condition or shelters that can be fully restored

- Shelters at various sizes including: 10x20, 12x20, 12x16 or larger



Decommissioning Services

In addition, our project management team has the ability to provide full turn-key decommission services if you have any shelters or other telecom material you are hoping to offload at this time.


These turn-key services include full site analysis, end-to-end project management, equipment demolition and both removal and disposal.  Let our team do the heavy lifting as we provide top quality transportation and logistics services.  We are aware of the tremendous amount of pressure to accomplish projects like these.  Our team is here to help and make your life easier by monitoring and executing the entire process for you.


If you have access to telecom shelters, please contact us today as we want to hear from you!



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